so I talk about stars

Then came the fry-pan and then a fire: it was the Wanderers’ Mess. That mess-room has stood in many lands and has only one roof. We are proud of that roof, all we who belong to that Mess. We boast of it when we show it to our friends when it is all set out at night. It has Aldebaran in it, the Bear and Orion, and at the other end the Southern Cross. Yes we are proud of our roof when it is at its best.

What am I saying? I should be talking of bacon. Yes, but there is a way of cooking it in our Mess that I want to tell you and cannot. I’ve tasted bacon there that isn’t the same as what you get at the Ritz. And I want to tell you how that bacon tastes; and I can’t so I talk about stars.

From “The Third Chronicle: How He Came to the House of Wonder” in Don Rodriguez by Lord Dunsany.

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