A New Project: Jesus and the Ancient Paths

New team blog project…

Those stats below are the visitors to this personal blog over the years. It’s only intent for a long while was as a kind of virtual common place book, but I’ve drifted in recent years into posting my own thoughts more often. This has been a delight and has encouraged me to write a few pieces for other online venues. One of the chief pleasures has been meeting others who read and write about similar topics. This pleasure of shared reflection has lead to a new blogging project at Jesus and the Ancient Paths.

I’m excited to blog alongside several others in the coming year and plan to move my own reflections there while continuing to use Copious Flowers for its original purpose of virtual common placing. I anticipate growing as a writer with more companionship, and I hope that our combined blogging might be more meaningful to a wider variety of people than any solo work would be.

We are just lovers making use of our private time, but we love to spread the love in any small way. As a reader or as an interested contributor, please take a look and consider following our writings here.



  1. I just subscribed to Jesus and the Ancient Paths and am really looking forward to it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the essays, synopses, notes and reading lists you’ve posted here on Copious Flowers.

    1. Jesse says:

      Thank you! Glad to hear.

  2. Jolie says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to reading more!

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