Shared Elsewhere

I blog with some others at Jesus and the Ancient Paths, and here is some material of mine that has been shared elsewhere:

  1. Roland in Moonlight: Finding a Muse Amid the Hellscape of Modernity” is my review of Roland in Moonlight published online by Macrina Magazine.
  2. Building Folklore Wealth” at the Front Porch Republic.
  3. A Metaphysics of Place: Reintegrating Nous and Cosmos at the Foot of the Burning Bush” at the Front Porch Republic.
  4. Reading Reality (and Watching for Bric-à-Brac on Our Windowsill)” at the Front Porch Republic.
  5. A Brief Christian History Of The Cosmos (With Some Defense And Exposition)” at Mercy On All.
  6. Orthodox Christians in York County: Offering people a place and a story here” at York Town Square (a blog by Jim McClure hosted by the York Daily Record).
  7. “Publisher’s Note” in A New Natural Philosophy: Recovering a Natural Science and Christian Pedagogy on pages ix-xi of this book by Ravi Scott Jain, Chris Hall and Robbie Andreasen.
  8. Discovering the Ancient Roots of our Christian Interconnectedness” was shared as an adult Sunday school lesson at Derry Presbyterian Church in Hershey, Pennsylvania (link to video at top of the page).
  9. Caesar & the Idols of Modernity: Lessons from Brothers and Sisters in the Far East” in Society for Classical Learning’s Journal. vol. XII, p. 6. (subscription only): “After a trip to East Asia, Hake offers new perspectives on classical education and teaching in the name of Jesus.”
  10. A Misunderstanding with my Guardian Angel over the Meaning of Super-Power” at Macrina Magazine.
  11. Pondering the Love of God or Anything Else” at the Clarion Journal blog.
  12. Finding Scholé without Seeking It” as a guest on the Cafe Scholé podcast with Dr. Christopher Perrin.
  13. Finding God Amid the Goodness of Summer: Keeping the Borders of Eden” at Insights with Classical Academic Press.
  14. To Tired Teachers on Looking for Small Joys in the Last Days of School” at Insights with Classical Academic Press.
  15. Our Mother’s Womb: An Advent Reflection” at New Eden Ministry.